Well, hello there!

“Do What You Love, And The Money Will Come,”

that was the message my Dad instilled into me as I was growing up. Encouraged by his positive way of thinking, his eagerness to allow us kids to explore our interests, talents and potential, and watching his own strong work ethics and commitment to his family, it’s no surprise that I’ve ended up running various business ventures on one level or another ever since I was 9 years old.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t born into a privileged background. But in terms of ideals, creativity and sheer get up and go, my upbringing was as rich as any person could ever hope for.

And whilst being self-employed was the route that I knew deep down was right for me, I did – as most of us do – get sucked into the might of the corporate machine. My penchant for hard work and getting results was soon recognized, and the work soon stacked up. And up…. And up…. But sadly, my paycheck didn’t rise in accordance with my workload.

Being An Employee Was Not Where I Wanted To Be.

Running the gauntlet of the 9-5 (or more realistically, the 7-7, or later) not only stifled my creativity, but literally snuffed out my natural ability to look forwards – to dream and plan my future.

Linda Ridenour - To Prosper You NowMe & My Mentor, Jay, At An Event

All I can say is thank goodness I found a mentor. When I finally realized what I was doing and managed to find the right self-employed route down which to travel – then my mojo came back.

And, let me tell you, that voyage of self-discovery was the most liberating, amazing journey that truly has seen me now in charge of my own destiny. In charge of my own working hours – indeed, in charge of my own, truly unlimited, earning potential.

So, if my story prickles at any of your own inner feelings – however secret or well-hidden they might be – then perhaps you and I should talk further. Because one thing’s for sure –

If You Don’t Do Anything,
Your Life Will Stay The Same – Guaranteed.

But if you honestly find the business model that works, then as my dear old Pops said –
“Do What You Love, And The Money Will Come.”

Here’s to your success,

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