Knowledge and the Entrepreneurial Journey

by Linda on March 9, 2012

“A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle.” Khalil Gibran Are you the type of person who acquires knowledge for the sake of knowing? Or are you the type of person who acquires knowledge in order to put it into action to make improvements in your life? Either option is okay depending on your desired outcome.  If you’re the type of person who strives to make improvements in […]

We Survived 9:02 am

by Linda on April 26, 2015

 Healing Through Teamwork

healing through teamwork

Twenty years ago last week on April 19th at 9:02am an horrific tragedy struck Oklahoma City, Okla. I purposely waiting a week before posting because emotions still run strong on that anniversary every year.
I choose to ponder my own emotions on that anniversary and spend time thanking God I was one of the lucky ones who responded to the tragedy by helping with the rescue efforts.
I spent thirty some hours a week downtown inside the perimeter after working my usual fifty hour week at my full time job. I had special clearance from the Oklahoma City Fire Department’s Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team to assist the other rescue workings in managing their trauma as they worked tirelessly looking for any signs of survivors.
Each night I went home to watch the updates on the news in order to stay abreast of any new discoveries with the rescue efforts and the perpetrators.
I managed my home life as best I could during that time. I repeatedly assured my children of my safety and reviewed emergency plans already in place and new ones we developed as a result of this horrific event.
I secured special clearance for my oldest child who was a teenager. He said he needed to see ground zero for himself. He had the option to work along side us and chose not to. It was enough that he was able to walk inside the perimeter which had become by that time, hallowed ground and it put his mind at ease to see how many people can come together to help one another.
Rather than dwell on that event, I’m posting an unrelated video today to remind us of the importance of team. People from all over the country responded to the OKC tragedy with prayers, donations, volunteer efforts, letters and cards.
Their efforts were healing for those of us who lost some of our friends and tried to pick up the pieces of our lives. It drove home the true meaning of teamwork and provided great honor to the loving souls whose memories we celebrated last week.

Emotional Football Moments Inspirational Video

Click on the video below and wait for the inspirational speech midway through about people joining together as a team, healing as a team and supporting one another win or lose.
For anyone who is hurting, for any reason, please accept a heartfelt virtual hug to help you heal and Peace be with you my friends.

With Much Love,



Motivational Monday – Spring Into Action

March 30, 2015

Phases of Growth Entrepreneurs go through phases the same as Seasons go through phases. Our growing seasons may differ depending on the level of knowledge we seek and the confidence we attain while implementing that knowledge. Some entrepreneurs have a need to gather a lot of information before putting their ideas and plans into action. Other entrepreneurs gather a little bit of information and quickly take action. New Beginnings Spring for many is a time […]

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Motivational Monday-Spring Forward

March 9, 2015

  Spring Forward Although a lot of people make fun of the time changes in the United States, this time of year, it does signify the beginning of the spring season. The spring season brings with it the hope of the future.  A time to start anew. To begin again with a fresh new outlook and increased energy to move forward with our goals. Statistically, at least 95% of the people who set New Years […]

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Motivational Monday-Kindness

March 2, 2015

Kindness Can Be Overwhelming Today is dedicated to anyone who has ever been down on their luck, feeling hopeless, discouraged or unwanted. Sometimes life is difficult. Sometimes life presents us with challenges we would rather not have to face. Sometimes a simple social experiment touches our hearts in a way we could not have anticipated because the reaction to a single act of kindness digs deep within our souls to expose our most vulnerable thoughts […]

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